The best of Mediterranean cuisine


The Lands of Lleida boast a rich and varied local cuisine marked by striking contrasts. A series of new dishes harmoniously combine with a wealth of age-old tradition. The highly varied and unique culinary styles of the Pyrenees and the comarques (local districts) of the interior provide a further good reason for visiting and enjoying the gastronomic landscapes of Lleida. The traditional cuisine of Lleida is combined with the latest and most modern culinary tendencies using ingredients that are typical of Lleida. These include the DO olive oils of Les Garrigues, green vegetables from the market gardens of La Plana, locally produced sweet fruits, herbs and condiments and, of course, the excellent wines of the DO Costers del Segre... traditional tastes and smells with just a touch of modernity.

We shall now present you with a series of culinary proposals to make and enjoy. They include dishes suitable for even the most demanding gourmets. Good appetite!