Pigs' trotters tartar:

Cut the pigs' trotters in half and then leave them to boil for about 3 hours with salt, black pepper, and aromatic herbs. De-bone the pigs' trotters and cut them into small quarters.

Merlot vinaigrette:

Made with salt, Almenara thyme, olive oil and sweet and sour Merlot vinegar.


Clean the snails and fry them in a pan, flambéed with brandy.

Verda Donzella aioli:
Make a Verda Donzella aioli. After first making the trotter tartar, which you will have macerated with the vinaigrette, place the tapa with bread over the snails, having previously removed their shells. Then finish the tapa off with a few drops of garlic and olive oil. 

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