• 1 partridge.
  • Olive oil from Les Garrigues.
  • 1 leek.
  • 2 carrots.
  • 3 onions.
  • 500 ml D.O. Costers de Segre white wine.
  • 100 ml brandy.
  • 1 laurel leaf.
  • 4 grains of black pepper.
  • 2 cloves.
  • Salt.
  • Chicken stock.
  • 400 g Bloody milk cap or cep mushrooms
  • 2 Lleida pears.
  • 1 small cup of Riesling vinegar.
  • "Mantellina de corder" (Lamb blanket).


Wash, gut and thoroughly clean out the partridge, ensuring that there are no feathers. When clean, "flange" it and then cook it in an earthenware dish until it is a golden colour. When it is golden, add the cut vegetables from the market garden of Lleida with a mirepoix and the aromatic herbs. When everything is well browned and the vegetables are golden, soak in the white wine and brandy, reduce a little and then add the Riesling vinegar and keep cooking until the alcohol has evaporated. Soak everything in the chicken broth until the partridges have cooked and are tender. Then, remove the partridges and carefully de-bone them. When there are no cartilages or bones left, separate the skin from the meat and set to one side. Bind the partridge sauce, season with salt, and set to one side, ready for stuffing the partridge. Prepare the mixture of pear and mushrooms. Add this mixture to the partridge meat with the skin cut into dice and also add a little of the cooking sauce. Wrap it into balls in the “mantellina de corder” and set to one side.

L’Estel de la Mercè
El Segrià


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