The geographical indication the veal of the Catalan Pyrenees

The quality that distinguishes our territory


Breeds and area of production

This geographical indication protects the male and female calves of the Pyrenean Bruna breed and other beef producing and crossbreeds born within the area of production. This area includes all of the administrative areas in the Pyrenean and Pre-Pyrenean regions (Alt Empordà, Alta Ribagorça (Spain), Alt Urgell (Spain), Berguedà, Cerdanya (Spain), Garrotxa, Pallars Jussà (Spain), Pallars Sobirà (Spain), Ripollès, Solsonès (Spain) and era Valh d'Aran (Spain).

Characteristics of production

Cows and calves are raised on extensive and semi-extensive diets, in which their basic feed is pasture. The young animals are raised outdoors and suckle from their mothers for at least four months. This feeding is complemented with grass fodder. Fattening is subsequently carried out on the same farm, on the basis of forage and various concentrates including cereals and legumes.No animal fats or flours are used. The animals are sacrificed at slaughterhouses authorised by the regulating board. The sacrifices are controlled, the carcasses are identified and the hanging and draining of the carcasses and their subsequent distributed are closely monitored.

Characteristics of the meat

The colour of the meat ranges from pink to bright red, and that of the fat, from white to cream. The meat shows signs of marbling from muscle fat.


This is carried out through authorised, registered establishments, which must be appropriately identified. The meat is accompanied by a certificate that guarantees the whole process and which also bears the logotype of the geographical indication, confirming that it is sold as "Ternera del Pirineo Catalán" (veal from the Catalan Pyrenees).

Companies registered with the Protected Geographical Indication:

IGP Vedella dels Pirineus Consell Regulador
Partida Sant Esteve, 6
25700 La Seu d'Urgell
Telèfon 973 35 39 84 / fax 973 35 42 30

Mafriseu, SA.
Castellciutat, s/n 25700
La Seu d'Urgell
Telèfon 973 35 14 92 / Fax 973 35 42 30