D.O.P Lleida Pear

The quality that distinguishes our territory


Producing Area

The pear producing area of Lleida has a characteristic microclimate that is very favourable to pear cultivation. This area includes the whole comarca (local district) of El Pla d'Urgell and various municipalities in the comarques of les Garrigues, la Noguera, el Segrià and l'Urgell. The local microclimate and extreme temperatures of Lleida have made the locally-grown sweet pears famous all over the world. This is a fruit that helps us to keep healthy by providing us with iron and vitamins: essential components of a good Mediterranean diet!

Sweet, tasty varieties, pleasing to the senses!

The Llimonera Pear has a greenish peel that which turns a yellowish colour when mature. Its flesh is white and has a granular texture on the palate. The Blanquilla Pear has a fine peel and whitish flesh and is very smooth on the palate. The Conference Pear has a green peel with small flecks and its flesh is whitish in colour.


Pears protected under the DOP designation must meet the basic requirements of the “extra” and “first class” commercial categories and be destined for the fresh fruit market. They have a characteristic sweetness and taste due to their high levels of sugars and their greater juiciness, flavour and aroma.

Quality Control and certification

El Consell Regulador (Regulating Council) guarantees that the products used by the DOP meet the requisites established by the existing regulations. Control and certification are carried out by a body that complies with norm EN 45011 and is registered with the Registre d'Entitats de Control i Certificació (Register of Control and Certification Bodies) of the Direcció General de Producció, Innovació i Indústries Agroalimentàries (General Directorate for Production, Innovation and the Agro-Food Industries).

Information provided by the Consell Regulador and the Generalitat de Catalunya

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